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My home library is very eclectic, I read everything from autobiography to YA to classics to horror. In short, I love books of all kinds. I love to go thrifting every week for the books on my list!

Review Book

In Shrouds of Darkness - RL Barrett

My review schedule just got better. I'm so excited to get a copy of In Shrouds of Darkness: The Esaeric Knights by R.L. Barrett for review! Thank you so much to the author! 


Arloren joins the Esaeric knights after a tragedy strikes his life. These knights search out adventure and fight the Crusaders, a band of people who want everyone to bow to their holy Seraph. Arloren is different, he has a rare gift. 


I love how this book sounds and I really hope that it doesn't disappoint. I have at least one other physical book in front of this one for review so look out for both reviews soon. Hopefully I can get through them before the real bustle of my senior year of college begins. 


Happy Reading!