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My home library is very eclectic, I read everything from autobiography to YA to classics to horror. In short, I love books of all kinds. I love to go thrifting every week for the books on my list!


Looking For Alaska by John Green

Looking for Alaska - John Green

This book was out of my comfort zone. I don't normally read contemporary novels. Looking for Alaska made me change my mind. This book kept me engaged without the fantastic or sci fi elements that I'm used to. John show that he understands teenagers, in some ways better than other authors. I really loved this book


Many people can identify with Miles, also known as "Pudge". He's in a situation romantically that a lot of people have and will be in at some point in their lives. John's writing is witty and intelligent. 


Because of this novel, I will be looking into reading more of this kind of literature. A great book to start new readers into this genre. 


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